Los Paul/GoPaul

A bank robbery, a kidnapping and a car accident – three plots that have more in common than they seem to have at first glance. After Paul’s wife (Miriam Smolka) has kidnapped herself to run away with her alleged kidnapper (Gunther Gillian) and the stipulated two million Euro ransom, Paul (Jörg Witte) causes a car accident. He gets rid of the police easily, but the number of dead bodies at the scene of the accident increase, as do the signs that his wife is double-crossing him.


  • Screenplay – Wolfgang Aichholzer & Felix Karolus
  • Producer – Felix Karolus
  • Director – Felix Karolus
  • Director of Photography – Wolfgang Aichholzer
  • Art Direction – Christian Kettler
  • Costume Design – Mo Vorwerck
  • Sound – Florian Flossmann
  • Editor – Tobias Forth
  • Sound Design – Pit Kuhlmann
  • Music / Composer – Christian M. Fischer
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